Dolphins and Whales in Japan 

01 / Kayoi Whale Museum
(Ymaguchi Pref.)

02 / Whale Tomb
(Yamaguchi Pref.)

03 / Kerama Blue Sea
(Okinawa Pref.)

04 / Escort ship in Zamami
(Okinawa Pref.)

05 / Humpback whales fight over females (Okinawa Pref.)

06 /Island of Dolphin Passion
(Nagasaki Pref.)

07 / Dexter Cate's decision
(Nagasaki Pref.)

08 /Indian Ocean Bottlenose Dolphin in Notojima (Fukui Pref.)

09 /Indian Ocean Bottlenose Dolphin in Amakusa (Nagasaki Pref.)

10 /From Shintoku Farm to the Kushiro Sea (Hokkaido)

11 /Orcas off Kushiro (Hokkaido)

12 /The bottlenose dolphin known as "Momo" (Hyougo Pref.)

13 /From Awaji Island to Shimanami Kaido (Ehime Pref.)

14 /Fuji at the Churaumi Aquarium
(Okinawa Pref.)

15 /The dolphin that flew
in the sky (Okinawa Pref.)

16 /Migration of albatrosses
(Torishima,Tokyo )

17 / Akinobu Mochizuki, a whale
(Tokyo, Ogasawara)

18 /A Humpback Whale Named
Mochini (Tokyo, Ogasawara)

19 /Old style whaling
(Wakayama Pref.)

20 /Taiji Whale Museum
(Wakayama Pref.)

21 /Beluga at Kamogawa Sea World (Kanagawa Pref.)


22 /Ijika Fishing Port and the
Houei Tsunami (Mie Pref.)



Walking in Katsuragi, Nara 

01 / Wolf-Dogs

02 / 100th Anniversary of Yamato Railway Part 1

13 /Nara is the birthplace of sake

04 /Is Princess Kaguya a Persian princess?

05 / Killifish School

06 /Sumo started as a public execution

07 /Shaved Ice and Japanese Sword

08 /The World of Insects
Made of Paper

09 /Harp Lute, a fantastic instrument

10 /The Town of socks

14 /The History of Japanese Medicine

15 /Relationships between people and horses


In various places in Japan

01/Shimabara tayu rice cake pounding party (Kyoto Pref.) 02/Ertuğrul Fırkateyni
(Wakayama Pref.)
03 /The Later Years of Kamo-no-Chomei (Kyoto Pref.)

04 /The oldest station building
in Japan (Shiga Pref.)

05 / Introduction of Firearms
(Shiga Pref.)

06 /A Christian prison in Suzuta
(Nagasaki Pref.)

07 /Hakui's UFO legend

08 /I learned about the Roswell case from "Cosmo Isle Hakui".

09 /Kanazawa Vocational College

10 /Ishikawa Shiko Memorial Cultural Exchange Center

11 /Bronze statue of Kishu Dog

12 /Who is Prince Shotoku?

13 /Walking along the Taishi Road

14 /From Daruma Temple to Ninji Abandoned Temple

15 /Having lunch with Prince Shotoku

16 /Statue of Taishi, arriving at Eifukuji Temple 17 /Mimeguri Shrine & Sky Tree 18 /Cows in Tokyo, horses in Nara
19 /To the ancient stone quarries of Mount Nijo 19 /Heritage of the Ancient Milk Road "So" 20 /Kyoto University, Don-Zuru-Bo Earthquake Observatory
21 /Tour of Seven Atami Hot Springs 22 /Visiting Itsukinomiya at Ise 23 /Thoughts on visiting Omi-kyo (Otsu-kyo)
24 /Kamenose landslide area 25 /History of the Kamenose Landslide Disaster 26 /Entering the Kamenose drainage tunnel
27 /The Phantom Railway Tunnel 28 /Which is the real Yata no Kagami? 29/The 1300th Anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital
30 /Magic mirror &reflecting telescope (Shiga Pref.) Envoys and Smallpox Syphilis came with guns and cigarettes
Moses' tomb in Ishikawa Pref.?