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軌跡 精神疾患と共に生きていく ―― 櫛山聡子 duodecimo
soft cover
April 2020 Mental Illness
Trajectory Living with Mental Illness Satoko Kushiyama

I am a 37-year-old woman with a mental illness. The name of my illness is schizophrenia.
What do you think of me when you hear that? If you have some kind of mental illness like I do, you may wonder how you got sick, what kind of hospital stay you had, and what kind of medication you took.
If you are not a person with a mental illness, but a family member, you may wonder what it is like to have a mental illness and what kind of life they lead, comparing yourself to your children or parents.
If you are a medical professional and you are in daily contact with people with mental illness, you may wonder what it is like for some patients to face their illness in this way.
Now, I am going to write about my own mental experience as if I were speaking to you, the person who picked up this book.