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永遠なる愛に生かされて 意識革命と天変地異 榎木玲子 duodecimo
soft cover
Jun. 2021 essay
Eternal love will keep me alive Consciousness Revolution
and Natural Disasters
Reiko Enoki

/ This book is about the thoughts and feelings of a housewife who ran a cram school and raised four children. She has suffered the pain of raising and losing a disabled child, her upbringing, her life with her mother, and her life with her husband. ...... In the midst of these events, she began to listen to the urgings from within to awaken to the truth.In the midst of the mundanity of our lives, we think about natural disasters, which can be said to be the extreme of the extraordinary, and project them onto our own way of life... Now, what kind of decision will you make after reading this "book"?